In The SisStar Loop


At times, while doggie-paddling in uncharted waters, I encounter women who hold their knowledge and support close to the vest, offering no tidbit of guidance or counsel. Other times, I encounter women who mother me into advancement in tender ways. While this morning’s experience with a micro-aggression markswoman left me bereft of confidence, it was this afternoon’s sisterly display of support that lifted my spirits and returned my focus. MelimeL of the SisStar Loop, a #womenpowerment organization that holds an annual event “with the mission to uplift, inspire, and empower our personal and professional lives,” gave lil’ ol’ me a shout out on the SisStar blog today. I made some big changes in my life, personally and professionally, and I thank MelimeL and the SisStar Loop for spreading the word and supporting this Jane in her latest trade.




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