You’re finally here! I’ve been waiting for you. My name is Maria and I’d like to take you to my marketplace. Around these parts you’ll find a range of content from music, fashion, culture and travel to general badassery. But you’ve clicked through so you know that already. Now, allow me to present my wares.

In this first market stall, we have conscious-content development. Think bespoke, carefully crafted and delicately tailored composition. You know, like a living organism, content has a life cycle, which I can help you manage from conception to publishing on print and digital platforms. Should you need a team, I roll with a group of experienced, dependable and gorgeously creative writers for hire who write in English and en español. We basically form like Voltron to get ish done.  

Here, in this next stand, we look at Hollywood, the media, public programming, beauty brands, even the workplace, all of which could use a refresher course on…I’m going to say it. Get ready. Don’t get upset. Here it comes. DIVERSITY! Oh my gosh, I’m really sorry. Don’t panic. It’s ok. I’m here to help. As a Diversity Strategist, I offer strategic branding, cultural awareness workshops, diversity planning and consultations. Here, take my hand. We got this!

And under this tent—watch your head—you’ll find Celebrity Engagement with access to brand ambassadors and influencers for both general and Spanish-language markets. Companies don’t always get it right when it comes to representation and often times leave consumers feeling excluded. Let me help you with this. Let’s make your customers feel like they’re in this massive group hug.

While we’ve reached the end of this tour, we still have a long way to go. See, I’m committed to this enterprise for reasons that are deeply rooted in my own personal experiences. I don’t see anyone like me on Spanish-language telenovelas. I don’t see anyone like my niece saving the world in children’s films. I don’t see handsome men like my husband in enough ads for home goods. I’m on a mission to bring everyone into this giant lovefest/thing we call life. You with me or what?

Your lovely tour guide,



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  1. Alfredo Luna says:

    I just love it and will be on the alert for that is to come from this wonderful website, my best wishes and support.

  2. Alfredo Luna says:

    Love it and will be on the alert for the all the great information that will be coming from this wonderful website, que el mundo de la información y cultura y la verdad sean sus guías.

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