Motherlands Become Otherlands

Evaristo Angurria 3
Art by Evaristo Angurria, Dominican Republic

“For Black Latinx in the U.S., bicultural, bilingual ― if they are lucky ― and born to immigrant parents, there is no motherland.”

Motherland is an idea – a place where one can walk without being treated according to preconceived ideas based on the exterior, the surface of our skin. I journeyed a lifetime in search of this mecca only to find that it doesn’t exist.

Read about my journey here.



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  1. K says:

    Hi, I read your article in the Huffpost, titled ‘Searching for a Motherland as a Black Latina’. I thought it was extremely interesting and looked you up and found your website. I would like to email you a response, if you are interested in discussing it. P.S. I am still ruminating on all the discussion points, so have not fully collected my thoughts but will do so shortly.

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